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"A Quilter's Journey Through Africa In Patterns."

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The quilt africa fabrics bom & guild is for you if you...

🔸Love the vibrant colours and bold patterns of African fabrics.

🔸Are an experienced or beginner quilter who wants to make at least one quilt in the coming year.

🔸Want to add different quilt patterns to your skills.

🔸Love a bit of history and culture.

🔸Are looking for new and different ways to express your creativity.

🔸Enjoy being part of multi-cultural community of creators from all over the world who share a love of quilting.

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Starts June 1, 2021

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🔸All your monthly fabrics delivered on your schedule.

🔸An information page outlining all 12 blocks, dates of events and activities for the year.

🔸Access to a private Facebook Group where we hang out, share questions, answers, insights, tutorials and more.

🔸Tutorials for each month's pattern.

🔸Mid-month Q & A sessions for technical help with your block.

🔸Monthly meeting with a talk deep diving into the African meaning of the block pattern and a Show and Tell where we can hang out and admire each other's blocks and creative journey.

  • The Message of Our Patterns Will Give Us Wisdom for Our Life's Journey

The Message of Our Patterns Will Give Us Wisdom for Our Life's Journey

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Our Inspiration...

In our quest to unearth the connections between traditional quilting patterns and African cultural patterns, we will be following in the footsteps of Togor Yamba.

Togor is an African woman whose life has been shaped by the message of the wisdom and lessons found in the African patterns and symbols we are searching.

Each Month's Block Pattern...

Presents a step in her life's journey (also a mirror of our individual journeys) which might be:

🔸A reflection of her life's stage according to the African Rites of Passage.

🔸A lesson she has learnt from her life's experiences.

🔸Aspects of her belief she has allowed shape the course of her life as articulated in proverbs, adages and wise sayings.

🔸Symbols that remind her of virtues and character traits relevant to a meaningful life.